Family-Centered Maternity Care & Women’s Health

Lancaster Health Center’s Family-Centered Maternity Care & Women’s Health services are led by our culturally diverse and experienced team of providers. Our care teams provide a full-range of healthcare, education, and counseling during the many ages and stages of a woman’s life, and throughout the growth of their families.

Premier Prenatal Program

Our Premier Prenatal Program provides comprehensive services beginning from preconception care continuing through post-delivery. Our providers partner with Lancaster General Health Physicians at Women & Babies Hospital to provide a positive, full-scope maternity care experience. The program is flexible and individually tailored to your needs. Parents and parents-to-be will benefit from:

  • Preconception counseling
  • Referrals for genetic counseling and evaluation
  • Infertility counseling and care
  • Primary and prenatal care
  • High risk prenatal care
  • Doula services
  •  Prenatal care coordination
  • Childbirth education offered individually or through CenteringPregnancy® Wellness Circles
  • Dental care
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Behavioral healthcare
  • Postpartum care & lactation counseling
  • Family planning

Doula Program

Doulas join women and families on the journey of pregnancy, labor and delivery. They offer soothing encouragement, gentle massage, and empowering coaching.

Having a doula present…

  • reduces a mom-to-be’s chance of having a cesarean section by 50%
  • can shorten labor
  • allows the delivery to happen with fewer painkillers or epidurals – or none at all!

What makes Lancaster Health Center’s doula program so special?

  • Our doulas are bilingual, offering Spanish and Arabic.
  • They’re on staff at the health center, where they build relationships with patients over the course of a pregnancy.
  • Families who otherwise have few supports – women who are in prison, and refugees from around the world – get caring doula services. One-third of women served by our doulas would otherwise have no family or friends in the room to support them

*Lancaster Health Center has received grant funding to offer culturally competent, bilingual doula services to the women and families we serve. Those grant funds are running out and need for the service continues to grow. 

Send a caring doula to a birth and give a young family a healthy start–

Women's Health

Our providers care about women’s wellness and peace of mind by focusing on patient-centered education and care. We provide optimal services and education through the different stages of a woman’s life:

  • Cervical (PAP) screenings with abnormal PAP follow-up and colposcopy
  • Evaluation and treatment of gynecological health issues
  • Breast cancer screening and mammogram referral
  • Colorectal screening and colonoscopy referral
  • Referrals for nutrition care
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection education and testing
  • Full-scope family planning services and child spacing counseling
  • Menopause education and care (pre-menopause and post-menopause)
  • Many free or low cost gynecological services for women who qualify


Our family-centered care team ensures that you and your family are healthy and supported throughout your child’s growth and development by offering:

  • Well Child consultations offered individually or through CenteringParenting® Wellness Circles
  • Development screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Nutrition education
  • Referrals for specialized parenting programs in Lancaster County

Wellness Circles

Wellness Circles individual care, group education, and peer support for women’s health, parents-to-be, and parents and their babies in your primary language.

For more information, or to schedule a Wellness Circle session, please contact our Wellness Circle Coordinator at 717-299-6372 ext. 11210.

Parent Resources

The STEM Starts Now Digital Program starts at birth to give parents support, resources, and education.

STEM Starts Now is committed to help parents give their babies the best start possible. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math learning starts at birth. STEM Starts Now will show you how!*

*All Lancaster Health Center patients can sign up here for a free subscription using discount code lhc2019.